Bobbi was our friend, and our client.

And she died..........

Bobbi loved her cats, we all knew that. She would bring them in one by one and carefully listen to what we told her they needed, and find a way to provide the veterinary care we recommended for them.

She loved them, they were her life.

You can tell when you pet them, or see them. They rub on the bars of their cages in the hospital, and demand the love they are missing. Some are frail and elderly, like Bobbi was, some are young and vital.

They call to each other, little purrs and trills of cat speak, they are used to playing, sleeping and living together...and living with Bobbi.

But Bobbi's gone.

So respecting Bobbi and honoring her memory and our relationship with her, with the help of family and friends we are taking care of Bobbi's cats, and finding them new homes.

The cats you see featured here are up for adoption.


email us at

Thank You All!
We did it. The cats all have forever homes....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Entry November 2011

Last Entry

The last of Bobbi Gould’s cats have been placed.

I am leaving this blog up and open for those friends and relatives of Bobbie who might wish to revisit this blog in her memory.

Before signing out, I’d like to thank someone.

I’d like to thank Dr. Louisa Asseo DVM (currently as of 11/2011 working at Hillcrest vet hospital in Pleasant Hill CA)

Dr. Asseo chose to take this rescue operation upon herself, and dedicated countless hours and funds to placing each and every one of these cats. She took them into her own home, organized and orchestrated medical care above and beyond the basics for each and every one of these cats. She networked for hours with people, organizations, rescue foundations and any possible option out there to re-home these cats, even those who’s personality rendered them unplaceable as pets.

With out her, there would have been no rescue operation.

As with all rescue operations of this size, help poured in, people pitched in and of course those who helped also got tired, worried and burnt out wondering if each cat would find a home, or would time and options run out leaving the only humane choice euthanasia.

Thanks to the dedicated effort of Dr. Asseo, all the cats found forever home.

Thank You Louisa, for bringing a light into the darkness of these cats lives.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year

May they that watch over all cats also watch over you....
Thank You Louisa for doing this.....

Reverend Kadeth

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Last of the Cats waits...........


Button Button who will love the Button?

Yes, Button did have a home for a short while, and now he waits again for someone to love him. He's an incredible cat, about as sweet and friendly as they come. He loves everybody. People. Dogs. Cats.

But, Button has some special needs.

Although he loves other cats, he was neutered late in life so if he's around other cats, he pee marks. Now I must admit, he's been in my house, which has several cats, so he might do OK with a single cat friend. But he gets far too happy with my multiple cats and misses the litter box sometimes.

Button also has a special diet, which he eats just fine. It's any sort of wet food (and he's NOT picky) mixed with a little bit of canned pumpin and a liquid prescription. This keeps him 'regular'.

He eats it and loves it. It's very easy to fix for him & it is very entertaining to watch him eat.

So Button needs a special love to adopt him. With his big head, and medium long hair, he looks like a happy, furry orange ice cream and vanilla swirl cat. He head butts and purrs, and always wants my lap.

He's the best.

Can you love him?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We have adopted out almost all the cats :)

OK, who's left? Cat of the week in the hospital is 'Wish a Cat', a big back cat who's about 10, gentle, quiet and loving. Jack Pot, a big light orange boy will come next, leaving Button as the last of the cats needing homes.
We are on the final stretch, so network please and help find these last 3 cats good, kind and forever homes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Florida... Francis, Flynn and Marigold go home to retire

Today I sent Francis off with Flynn and Marigold to Caboodle Ranch in Florida. This is a sanctuary where kitties go who have no where else, who need to be wild and free or simply have no desire to be pets and need someone to love them anyway.
It is both joyful to send them on to a big space, with other cat friends, love and kindness for their lives, it is also heartbreaking to say goodbye and send them off into the unknown.                                               Last night the wild kitties in my neighborhood came up to look for food, and as always I give them this.  

I give you food. I give you water. I give you shelter. I give you medicine. I give you kindness.

Until all beings are free of suffering.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Breathing Room for Flynn, Marigold and Francis :) SEND THE KITTIES TO THEIR NEW FOREVER HOME :)

Sometimes there is a pause, a breath of hope and fortune.
Maybe our words hit the right ears, and maybe what we are doing is simply good enough that someone else who also does good chose to step in and help.

In Florida, there is a sanctuary that will take Flynn and Marigold...and Francis.  We have the 'surrender donation' for each of them, and I so get it, it costs money to take care of cats.  But we have it.

Now we are raising the last bit of cash to sent them, to purchase air conditioned driving across country, two days in a van to get them to their new homes. We have the service to do it, have made the calls, now we just need to raise a little more cash.

If we raise 1200.00$ they are home safe. Each of us has already kicked in $$$ to the pot, as much as we can bear and still be OK. So we need a little help to come in. 20$ here, 50$ there...little bits.

Flynn and Marigold get to go to an FIV barn, so they can have indoors and outdoors. Francis gets to be with other cats so she is not lonely.

So, this is it, the last run. Want to help one more time? Shameless plug for donations :)

Send the kitties home :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Can Someone Help? Anyone?

Last Call, Curtain Call.

Time is up and funds have run out long ago.
We’ve placed 11 cats, 1 dog and 2 doves in the past few months.
We’ve cleaned teeth, vaccinated, treated for illnesses and brought these cats into our own homes.

We have 3 un-adoptable cats with no future.

Flynn, who I dearly love but can not live with my cats.
Marigold, who loves only Flynn.
Francis...who is a torti with all the spit, fire, and wicked temper of torti’s.

It is sad, Francis will charge me and try to eat me when I come to feed her. But when one of my cats bolts through the door, she runs up to them frantic with feline loneliness.

Marigold sneaks on laps.
Flynn is just sad and wants to go outside.

Here is reality.

There are no shelters open anywhere in the United States with room for 2 FIV positive cats, Flynn and Marigold. If no spaces open for them by this weekend, they will be euthanized. They can not be released outside as FIV is contagious. They can not be barn cats. They have no desire to be pets.

Francis would make a good barn cat, lurking under the horse trough, staring down fro the rafters.... but as of today there are no barns, no shelters, no place that will take her.

Well thats not right. “Cat House on the Kings” will take her, and will also take Flynn and Marigold.

There is a price.

3000.00$ cash per cat, no negotiation.

3000.00$ is more that I make in 2 months. 6 months of my wages barely covers this.
Nine thousand dollars.

So this is the last call.

Can You Help?

If you can, please contact us.

Saturday is their last day of life.

I am heart broken, as are the others who are standing solid and brave trying in the last moments to get these last cats into a safe place, forever.



Monday, June 20, 2011


Poor Button. 

He's a great cat. 

He had his forever home and alas, things went wrong and they could not keep him. So he's back in Dr. Asseo's house waiting waiting waiting for his right person to come along and claim him.

Button has done well in the hospital and foster care. But he needs meds to help him poop regular, cause if he doesn't poop regular he gets filled up and it hurts his bladder, and makes him pee in his sleep.

But on meds he's been great. No accidents, no problems, and he's such a sweet boy. Oh yes, he takes his meds easily. Gulp! Yumm!!! And his canned pumpkin mixed into his food is just fine, like a cat food Pumpkin pie. Yummm! Gone, can I have more please?

So Button needs love with his head butts and gentle purrs. He's an awesome friendly sociable mellow and happy cat. Cat friends and dog friends are good, but most of all he wants his own person.

Could you love Button?

Flynn and Marigold

The Tale of Flynn and Marigold

I am Flynn the brave. My sister is Marigold. We are orange. Like a sunset, like golden tigers, like orange juice in the morning.

Mother was wild. The cars were thick in the street where mother dashed to bring us food. A bird, a bit of bread, a scrap of meat fat glistening with oils. There were many many cats all around mother outside.

Father was brave and scarred. His ears were tattered, his neck was thick. He looked so old for his years, slow to rise and tender in his joints. Abscesses and scars covered his head and legs, for her was a great fighter.
Father had a small cat sickness when he gave our spark to mother. Mother grew us with that sickness. we were born with a virus inside.

FIV. we were born with FIV. Some people call it feline aids, but it is not like the terrible disease that slays yours. It’s a virus that sometimes makes us heal slower, and if we have no care, and always get in fighting trouble like father, we can become sick.

Otherwise it lives invisible inside us and we live long lives.

Mother did not die of our virus, she died crushed by a car. Father? He has gone on to other places, other queens, other toms to fight with.

We were all alone when mother was crushed. We smelled her blood and sorrow. We were so lost, crying in fear, hunger and sorrow.

Bobbi came for us. She scooped us up tiny and orange and carried us into her house. There was food there, places to hide, other cats.

We grew up together, brother and sister, safe.

Bobbi went away to where mother went, the place where all who die go, Now we are lost and alone again, clinging to each other while our spirits hide in the pools of our eyes.

We are special, and we need something more than most people think they can give. We need the love of a person who will let us be cats, brother and sister bound together, graceful orange creatures who prowl a world with no other cats...unless we share the same virus.
Marigold braves laps and pets, I, Flynn will look at you with love and terror and let you pet me. I have lost allot, so I Flynn will take time to be safe with you. But I like my face petted when things are quiet...

But we have a virus that scares people. We can’t give it to you. It’s not easy to give to other cats, as we didn’t share it with any of our cat friends we lived with for many years.

It still scares people away from us.

Now I will sing my sad cat song. Gentle and quiet, sorrowful and hoping. Please please please cat goddess can we have a home together, both of us brother and sister with a person who will love us?

We do not want to be discarded because we have a virus that we have lived long years with. We do not want to be sent away to a colony of cats to wait to die, unloved and forgotten. We do not want to be torn away from each other....

Are you brave like me? Do you have a big heart like me and my sister? Will you love us and let us risk all loving you back, trusting you to let us be tender and scared, new and brave and just take our time to come to you and love you back with all our hearts?

Could you love 2 beautiful orange cats with a virus hidden inside?

Could you love me, Flynn, and my litter mate Marigold?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here come the hard ones.....

We've worked so hard. So far, we've placed Glory B, Short Cake, Yankee and Roseabelle, Mrs. Minivar , Pidge, Fritz and Button, and Cherub is coming to work tomorrow to be 'cat of the week'. We've had dental days and adoption days, and we have more adoption days coming....

So now we have the shy cats, the ones who are frightened. Flynn who is FIV positive and has a sister he just loves...who is positive also.  Wish a Cat, who is big, soft and black, and oh so scared. But pet wish a Cat and all the love comes out.

Francis, big, beautiful and a torti, with all the spit and fire of a torti, and ll the love for the right person.

And others. Jackpot, Cherub, Tough Stuff.

Each of these guys and girls deserve a good life, deserve to love and trust again.

Pictures soon.

Does your heart have room for a gentle cat?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wow...we did a Sunday all volunteer dental marathon!

So, we have now finished the dental work and repair on the remaining cats, and now we need to let them heal, then network like mad to get those that can be adopted into homes.

So far we have been adopting out about 1 cat a week, which is great, but more need homes.

We still need donations to cover the cost of their medical care, and if anyone wants to 'sponsor' a cat, let one of us know.

As always, pass this along, link us up everywhere and help us place these cats.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interested in Adopting? Want to help?

So, although we have placed several cats, more need forever homes.

We are working hard networking, talking to people and showing these kitties, and a great big thank you to the donations and help we have received. Keep it coming everyone, we've still got lots of work to do to get these kitties into living forever homes. 

Several cats still need medical care, but we cannot provide it without funds, and without places to care for these cats. Several of the remaining cats will need long term foster care so they can learn to trust again and heal from the loss of their mother, Bobbi.

What can you do? If there is a cat you are interested in, contact us. If you can pass this blog around on facebook or twitter, please do. If you can take a flier to a club house, a notice board, a staff room, let us know and we will send you one!


Kadeth, Dr. Asseo, and Boogar the cat

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Pidge, Cherub, Fritz , Mrs. Minavar , Roseabell, Glory B, Yankee and ShortCake :) are all adopted. Yay!!!! Flynn, Marigold and Francis have gone to a forever sanctuary. Yay!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Need Help With Funding


We have run out of funds to help fix up these cats. Donations to pay for labwork, medicine and simple vet care are needed. If you can make a small donation, please call
(925) 676-1909 and ask to make a donation to the care of  "Bobbi's Cats"

All donations go only to providing care. The veterinarian (Dr. Louisa Asseo) and vet nurse (Kadeth- me) who are working with these cats are donating time, services, food and shelter to care for, house and place these cats in new homes.
We just need to cover the hospital's costs and charges.


Kadeth, Dr. Asseo & Boogar

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All you need is love.........

A few of us have been adopted, but most of us are waiting. It's hard to wait for someone to fall in love with you. It's so easy to fall in love with a kitten's antics, we understand. But kittens grow up. We are all grown up, and we need love and hope so badly right now.

There are lots of good reasons to adopt an adult... no 2 am drape climbing. No falling into the toilet. No kitty motor cross over your head all night... we'll just snuggle.

So think about one of us please.
We have so much love to give.....

Excuse me? Hello! Hey...I'm

Tough Stuff!
Yep, that's me. I'm big, and I have...uh, big bones, sorta. I'm all black, and I'm modeling my winter coat here, which I'm going to shed. I am a neutered male, felv /fiv negative and I like to purr...and eat.

I really like the eating part.
Am I cool? Could you love me?

Flynn, the brave

He sleeps on his blanket, wondering where his mother has gone. Strangers pet him, brush him and feed him, but Flynn has had a hard life, so these hands are not the right hands to comfort him. But the right hands are gone, and Flynn waits for someone to see his eyes, look into his spirit...and fall in love.

I know Flynn has had a hard life. Both of his ears are 'tipped', a practice where feral cat's ears are cut off at the very top when they are trapped and neutered so that they can be identified from a distance. Flynn once was feral; or at least an abandoned soul wandering outside.

Flynn is also FIV positive.
Now wait, don't pass over Flynn just yet. He's a beautiful, dark orange lean boy, with eyes that reach around the corners of your heart and lock onto...something.
FIV positive cats are fine as pets. They must not go outside. It's best if they live only with another FIV positive cat. And like any other cat, they need regular checkups at the vet.

Flynn needs a special home, with someone who understands.
Look at him....

Could you love him?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Need Homes.....

Love us........
Please pass this on to everyone you know to give these sweet kitties a chance to find a new, loving home.

Friday, April 22, 2011 you need an Angel in your life?

This is Cherub. She's a great big girl, all plump and round. Smooth black and sweet as could be. She's a spayed female, born in 2001.
  Could you love this Angel?

Cherub has been Adopted! 


JackPot is a creamy gold, cinnamon orange neutered boy who is just waiting waiting to be someones prize at the end of the rainbow. He's a little camera shy here, and he's tired from being packed up and taken to the hospital.He'd much rather be home! Home with you maybe?
JackPot is a neutered male, born in 04/2001

Could you love him?

Button Button, who will love the Button?

Here's Button. Big and Fluffy, sweet and soft. Button is waiting for someone to come find him, and take him home.Button is a neutered male, born in 2/2002, with medium long hair. Current on his shots, and felv/fiv negative.

Could you love a Button?

Adopted 5-14-2011 Yay Button!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Glory B

 Glory B has been adopted!!!!

In Bobbi's chart at work, Glory B is described as 'beyond adorable' in Bobbi's frail and crabbed handwriting. Glory B is lost, and alone right now, longing for someone to take care of her, protect her and love her.

Glory B is a spayed female, born in 04/2001

Could you love her?


Pidge has been adopted!!!! Yay Pidge!

Humble... that is the word I think when i see Pidge. Humble and kind, careful in his age and tender with his scarred curled ears. He is quiet, and more than anything I suspect he wants life to return to something he, pets and warm laps and beds.

Could you love a kitty with curled and scarred ears?

Pidge is a neutered male, born in 2/1994

Could you love Pidge?


 Roseabelle has been adopted! Yay!

This is Roseabelle, and she is sweet and crazy...crazy for your love, for pets, for attention. Her she is rolling around in her little hospital house, just waiting for love. Sister of Mrs. Minaver, she is a spayed female, born in 6/2002  Could you love her?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Short Cake

This is Short Cake. Oh my, she is a funny old girl. About a thousand years old, she is the repository of vast amounts of kitty knowledge. Yes, she looks like a certain Jedi Knight (um... Yoda maybe?) but so far has not levitated nor pulled out a light saber.

She really needs love and care for her retirement years.

Could you love her?                ADOPTED!!! 4/15/2011 Yay!!!


Fritz is such a cool cat. He is maybe 5 or 6, and has sleek black fur and golden eyes. He is so lonely, because he is used to playing with his friends, and of course he misses his mom. Fritz is a neutered male, born in 2005                                                   Could you love him?
                            ADOPTED!!!! Yay Fritz!!!!

Ms. Minivar

I've been adopted!!!
Thanks Victoria & family for loving me!!!!
This beautiful girl is Ms. Minivar. She's a dilute calico with soft smooth hair, and she chirps and trills like a bird. She's currently residing in the hospital awaiting dental care.
When people visit her, she reaches through the cage bars to hold your finger and tries to pull you in to her, purring all the time. She also thinks chewing your fingers is the very best thing in the world. Sister to Roseabelle, Ms. Minavar is a spayed female, born in 6/2002

Could you love her?