Bobbi was our friend, and our client.

And she died..........

Bobbi loved her cats, we all knew that. She would bring them in one by one and carefully listen to what we told her they needed, and find a way to provide the veterinary care we recommended for them.

She loved them, they were her life.

You can tell when you pet them, or see them. They rub on the bars of their cages in the hospital, and demand the love they are missing. Some are frail and elderly, like Bobbi was, some are young and vital.

They call to each other, little purrs and trills of cat speak, they are used to playing, sleeping and living together...and living with Bobbi.

But Bobbi's gone.

So respecting Bobbi and honoring her memory and our relationship with her, with the help of family and friends we are taking care of Bobbi's cats, and finding them new homes.

The cats you see featured here are up for adoption.


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Thank You All!
We did it. The cats all have forever homes....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Can Someone Help? Anyone?

Last Call, Curtain Call.

Time is up and funds have run out long ago.
We’ve placed 11 cats, 1 dog and 2 doves in the past few months.
We’ve cleaned teeth, vaccinated, treated for illnesses and brought these cats into our own homes.

We have 3 un-adoptable cats with no future.

Flynn, who I dearly love but can not live with my cats.
Marigold, who loves only Flynn.
Francis...who is a torti with all the spit, fire, and wicked temper of torti’s.

It is sad, Francis will charge me and try to eat me when I come to feed her. But when one of my cats bolts through the door, she runs up to them frantic with feline loneliness.

Marigold sneaks on laps.
Flynn is just sad and wants to go outside.

Here is reality.

There are no shelters open anywhere in the United States with room for 2 FIV positive cats, Flynn and Marigold. If no spaces open for them by this weekend, they will be euthanized. They can not be released outside as FIV is contagious. They can not be barn cats. They have no desire to be pets.

Francis would make a good barn cat, lurking under the horse trough, staring down fro the rafters.... but as of today there are no barns, no shelters, no place that will take her.

Well thats not right. “Cat House on the Kings” will take her, and will also take Flynn and Marigold.

There is a price.

3000.00$ cash per cat, no negotiation.

3000.00$ is more that I make in 2 months. 6 months of my wages barely covers this.
Nine thousand dollars.

So this is the last call.

Can You Help?

If you can, please contact us.

Saturday is their last day of life.

I am heart broken, as are the others who are standing solid and brave trying in the last moments to get these last cats into a safe place, forever.



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