Bobbi was our friend, and our client.

And she died..........

Bobbi loved her cats, we all knew that. She would bring them in one by one and carefully listen to what we told her they needed, and find a way to provide the veterinary care we recommended for them.

She loved them, they were her life.

You can tell when you pet them, or see them. They rub on the bars of their cages in the hospital, and demand the love they are missing. Some are frail and elderly, like Bobbi was, some are young and vital.

They call to each other, little purrs and trills of cat speak, they are used to playing, sleeping and living together...and living with Bobbi.

But Bobbi's gone.

So respecting Bobbi and honoring her memory and our relationship with her, with the help of family and friends we are taking care of Bobbi's cats, and finding them new homes.

The cats you see featured here are up for adoption.


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Thank You All!
We did it. The cats all have forever homes....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Breathing Room for Flynn, Marigold and Francis :) SEND THE KITTIES TO THEIR NEW FOREVER HOME :)

Sometimes there is a pause, a breath of hope and fortune.
Maybe our words hit the right ears, and maybe what we are doing is simply good enough that someone else who also does good chose to step in and help.

In Florida, there is a sanctuary that will take Flynn and Marigold...and Francis.  We have the 'surrender donation' for each of them, and I so get it, it costs money to take care of cats.  But we have it.

Now we are raising the last bit of cash to sent them, to purchase air conditioned driving across country, two days in a van to get them to their new homes. We have the service to do it, have made the calls, now we just need to raise a little more cash.

If we raise 1200.00$ they are home safe. Each of us has already kicked in $$$ to the pot, as much as we can bear and still be OK. So we need a little help to come in. 20$ here, 50$ there...little bits.

Flynn and Marigold get to go to an FIV barn, so they can have indoors and outdoors. Francis gets to be with other cats so she is not lonely.

So, this is it, the last run. Want to help one more time? Shameless plug for donations :)

Send the kitties home :)

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  1. I applaude you guys for what you are doing. Will try to send a check.